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According to National Campaign on Dalit Human Rights(NCDHR)-27 atrocities against Dalits EVERY DAY-13 Dalits murdered EVERY WEEK-5 Dalits' homes or possessions burnt EVERY WEEK-6 Dalits kidnapped or abducted EVERY WEEK-3 Dalit women raped EVERY DAY-11 Dalits beaten EVERY DAY-A crime committed against a Dalit every 18 minutes EVERY DAY.
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Dalits represent a community of 170 million in India, constituting 17% of the population.  One out of every six Indians is Dalit, yet due to their caste identity Dalits regularly face discrimination and violence which prevent them from enjoying the basic human rights and dignity promised to all citizens of India. Close to half of the Dalit population lives under the Poverty Line, and even more (62%) are illiterate. Among the Dalits, most of those engaged in agricultural work are landless or nearly landless agricultural laborers        ........... More

Uttarakhand Temple Opens Its Doors To Dalits And Women After 400 Years

For nearly 400 years, Dalits and women, all in the name of "tradition", had been barred from entering the famous Parsuram temple in Garhwal's Jaunsar Bawar region. All that is set to change now with the management of the Parsuram temple announcing that "everyone will in future be welcome".For nearly 400 years, Dalits and women, all in the name of "tradition", had been barred from entering the famous Parsuram temple in Garhwal's Jaunsar Bawar region. All that is set to change now with the management of the Parsuram temple announcing that "everyone will in future be welcome".

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 Dalit student thrashed until he vomits for touching upper caste plates

Jodhpur: In a shocking incident, a lower caste Dalit student of a government school was beaten up by his teacher till he started vomiting for touching plates being reserved for the upper caste.

According to media reports, the episode happened on October 1, a day before Gandhi Jayanti in Government Higher Secondary School in Osian town of Jodhpur, when a seven-year-old picked up a green coloured plate (reserved for the upper caste) where mid-day meal was being served.

“I picked up a plate reserved for upper caste students mistakenly and started having the rice on it. When the teacher saw this, he started hitting me badly on my head. I started vomiting,” Ramesh, a Dalit, told TOI.

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What actually happened in Budaun district, Uttar Pradesh, India.- Watch this FILM - Click Here


A Scan Copy of letter from Sh.Dinesh Jha, Sub Divisional Magistrate-III(HQ) to The Dy. Commisioner (New delhi), Revenue Department , Govt of NCT of delhi, New Delhi asking to submit action taken report directly to Hon'ble Lt. Governor secretariat...... Click Here

A heart breaking story of plight of 122 families belonging to Scheduled Castes & OBC in the village Nangak dewat, New delhi

How the Land recorded in the names of communities (Scheduled Castes & OBC 122 families) in Village Nangal Dewat Delhi acquired for expansion of the IGI Airport Delhi and no alternate plots and compensation given to these 122 families even after :

As per Hon'ble Delhi High Court Order Dt. 18.05.2005
Hon'ble Delhi High Court Order Dt. 31.05.2007
Hon'ble Lt. Governor of Delhi Order Dt. 27.05.2008
As per Revenue Records
Name appeared in list of 122 persons (1958)
Name appeared in award list (1972)
Name appeared in list of survey reports (1972)
Accepted by AAI (Airport Authority of India)
As per Hon'ble Delhi High Court Order Dt.30.08.2013

1st Exposure- Click here

2nd Exposure

Hon'ble Lt. Governor of Delhi direction Dt. 27.05.2008 : In 2nd Exposure we would like to bring in notice of the copy of order dated 27.05.2008 as directed by Hon'ble Lt. Governor of Delhi . Please note that the delegation of the village Nangal Dewat was led by none other than Mr. Buta Singh, Than Hon'ble Chairman , National Commission for Schedule caste. 

Registered letter has been sent to -Hon'ble Lt.Governor Shri. Najeeb Jung. A copy of the letter has also been registered posted Hon'ble Prime Minister of India, Shri. Narendra Modiji, and to Shri Ashok Gajapathi Raju Pusapati, Hon'ble Minister Civil aviation.

Will these people act..?

Exposure : As per Revenue Records

We are Announcing

" GLOBAL WAR ON CASTESIM , Racialism and discrimination

( Non - Violence way )

I have already written letters to world renowned human right activists , NGO's and organizations all over world to lead their voice in support of " Global war on castesim". 5000 year old tradition of India where in people are discriminated , harassed , insulted , killed , raped and pushed to work as salves only because they are born in so called lower caste. The so called upper caste think women as animals so women from lower caste where killed and they think killing animals is not a sin....

Lend your voice, because - "Silence of good men is more dangerous than brutality of bad men"

Write to us we will publish your voice in our website

1. Message from Shaheen khateeb, The Indian American Muslim Council ( ) - We as community stand with you in all the injustices your community is facing.
2. Message from V.B. Gangadhar, Reporter, NIGHA, slogan: Kalam maa Bhalam.- weekly weekly political news, Andrapradesh, India - We all stand with your struggle ...
3. Muslim mirror( ) have written mail to me and assuring to highlight this particular case their website..... I thank them from my bottom of my heart.
4. Received message of support from Mr.Nagarj, leader Dalit Sangarsh Samiti(DSS) and Mr. Basha, BSP leader.

Note : I have received many sms and mail in support from individual. I thank each and every one from bottom of heart for their support.



Defeated Rajput takes on Dalits

Supporters of the defeated Rajput candidate, Narender, placed bushes on the way to houses of Dalits in the district’s Kharak village on Tuesday

Members of the Dalit community have to bear the brunt of the defeat of a Rajput candidate in the panchayat elections at Kharak village in the district. The defeated candidate blamed the Dalits for his loss.

“Our electricity lines have been snapped. Our children and women are being chased when they go to attend the nature’s call in fields. Supporters of the candidate use derogatory and casteist remarks against us for his loss,” said Pawan Langyan, a Dalit from Kharak village.

..... More

Dalit student attacked; OU students burned down portraits of Hindutva ideologues
Khalid Mujhaid buried; Postmortem report inconclusive
Investigative Report: Maharashtra ATS deliberately implicated Muslim youths ( Part -1 )
Investigative Report: Maharashtra ATS deliberately implicated Muslim youths ( Part -2)

Communal Violence: Who is to be blamed?- Muslim Mirror

Human rights body condemns arrest of a Muslim publisher in Kerala  
At 13, Indian Dalit teen becomes youngest girl to peak Mount Everest
Two Dalit women appointed as Hindu priests
Dalit brothers, who cracked IIT, were tormented for their caste


Attempt made to hack and implant virus in my cell phone... some one collected my home electricity bill in pretext of enquiry and verification of my neighbour some days back....  People staking me... Still unfazed and determination to fight for dalits and stand against all type of discrimination  is much more resound... -  venkatesh


Dalit boy's penis chopped off

ALLAHABAD: Penis of a five-year-old Dalit boy was allegedly chopped off by the owner of a flour mill for relieving near his shop in Pratapgarh district on Sunday evening. Though an FIR was lodged on Sunday itself, the police arrested the accused on Wednesday.

"The incident was reported from Babulapur village under Nawabganj police station of Pratapgarh. We have booked accused Ambrish Kumar under section 326, 307, 325 of IPC and SC/ST Act. He has been arrested and sent to jail," said Kunda DySP SP Tomar.

"The boy, son of a Dalit brick kiln owner, was reportedly urinating near a flour mill when its owner caught him and chopped off his penis in a fit of rage. When the matter was reported to the local police, they took the profusely bleeding boy to a hospital. The boy has been operated upon and is recuperating at the SRN hospital in Allahabad," he added.

The accused was on the run after the incident, said Inspector Nawabganj.


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On Going Enquiry

Jyothy Laboratories Limited - Complaint from  Mr. Narayana S B -

Fake SC/ST Certificate Scam, in DRDO - Complaint from  Mr. G. Yogeshwaram -

GolMaal in Airtel Broadband Office
Food Corporation of India, Promotion scam ? For More Details

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