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According to National Campaign on Dalit Human Rights(NCDHR)-27 atrocities against Dalits EVERY DAY-13 Dalits murdered EVERY WEEK-5 Dalits' homes or possessions burnt EVERY WEEK-6 Dalits kidnapped or abducted EVERY WEEK-3 Dalit women raped EVERY DAY-11 Dalits beaten EVERY DAY-A crime committed against a Dalit every 18 minutes EVERY DAY.
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"Always Remember-Silence of good men is more dangerous than brutality of bad men”

Dalits lose certificates, valuables in violence unleashed by drunken mob



In front of one of the burnt houses at Kattayantheru lie a number of charred certificates, including ration cards and other important documents that belong to the members of the Marakkanam Dalit Colony.

“We have salvaged whatever we can, but most of us have lost documents including ration cards, mark sheets, birth certificates and death certificates. Many of us whose houses were burnt even lost currency notes they had been keeping with them,” said Narayanasamy whose house was the first one to be burnt in the violence that took place in Marakkanam on Thursday.

Images: Anti-Dalit violence in Tamil Nadu