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According to National Campaign on Dalit Human Rights(NCDHR)-27 atrocities against Dalits EVERY DAY-13 Dalits murdered EVERY WEEK-5 Dalits' homes or possessions burnt EVERY WEEK-6 Dalits kidnapped or abducted EVERY WEEK-3 Dalit women raped EVERY DAY-11 Dalits beaten EVERY DAY-A crime committed against a Dalit every 18 minutes EVERY DAY.
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Khalid Mujhaid buried; Postmortem report inconclusive


Jaunpur/Lucknow: Postmortem report of Khalid Mujhaid, which took place in Barabanki between 6:30 am to 8:30 AM, remained inconclusive.

Khalid Mujahid who was arrested on charges of serial blasts in 2007 died yesterday while he was returning from Faizabad to Lucknow jail on Saturday. Khalid fainted on way at Barabanki, according to police and was taken to District Hospital, Barabanki where he was declared brought dead by the doctors. Khalid was under police custody when he died.

Doctors have preserved heart and lungs for a finding out a possible case of cardiac arrest, while his relatives took the body to Jaunpur for burial.

Ulema Council leader Amir Rashadi was present in Barabanki and accompanied them to Jaunpur. He claimed that clothes of Khalid were changed after death showing that there was a conspiracy to murder him.

Roman Magasaysay award winner, Sandeep Pandey too reacted blaming the state government and demanding tabling Nimesh Commission report. Workers of Peace Party too reached Barabanki mortuary and raised slogans against state government.

Imam Bukhari too arrived in Lucknow and met Mulayam Singh Yadav and CM Akhilesh Yadav. He also demanded Nimesh Commission report to be made public and also compensation and jobs to Khalid's family.

According to reports, around 10000 people had gathered at for funeral.