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 Food Corporation of India, Promotion scam ?

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 for Office Order

After I checked Food Corporation of india's Promotion list for the post of Technical manager( dated 28/12/2012), I was shocked. It looks like a well planned scam. After carefully studying the promotion list,  I found 7 of 17 names in the list have their birth year as 1953. Which means these people are suppose to retire in 2013. some of the people are suppose to retire few days before this promotion announced. For example Person with Sl.No 4 has date of birth has 01/01/1953.That means he has got promoted just 3days before his retirement. 

I don't understand the logic. As I am aware that at least 1 year is absolute necessary to get promoted. How can this person( 4 in the list) or  all the 7 people do justice to the job if they have to retire in few days or few months. 

I would like to know :

  1. Is this a way to assure that these people can get all the post retirement higher benefits ?

  2. Are they creating vacancies ( next promotion will be at least minimum 1 year away) , so that they can take advantage to do some kind of corruption ?

  3. Is this a well thought plan to keep desired and candidate from lower (SC/St) and backward caste away from getting higher post and even if they get they should not Be on that post for long time.?

I hereby request prime minister office to conduct  a fair enquiry in all angles  and if found guilty punish them severely. 

Note : Letter with evidence to prime minter office has been sent